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Consultation Time for parents & students: It is important that parents/guardians are as involved in each child’s education as much as possible. I am THRILLED to discuss this with you by email or by appointment.

For parents: by appointment – Please contact me first via email. I check my email multiple times a day and will respond to an email within 1 school day. You are more than welcome to leave a voicemail on my classroom phone, but email is more efficient. Appointments (when we actually speak to each other) can be by phone or in person, whichever you prefer.


For students: ANYTIME in class in any class in which you are enrolled with me. For after school appointments, please ask me first, though – mornings are usually better.


For parents AND students: afternoons on Wednesdays and Friday will always be unavailable due to other commitments. Ultimately, I’m always available to help students with current or past class work ANYTIME during class, but on those rare occasions that I’m not available during class, please address those issues in these ways: 1) Bring your concerns to your Applied Math Lab class, 2) email me, and/or 3) speak with me before or after class.


General Contact Info:

Geoffrey C. Bovey, Classroom #211
Millcreek Junior High
Special Education Resource (Grades 7-9) Applied Math Classes & Math Lab A & B Teacher & Dept. Chair
School Phone:  801-402-6200


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