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Welcome to Millcreek Junior High's Counseling Center

Millcreek has two counselors, Ms. Cox and Mrs. Smith.  Ms. Cox is assigned to students with last names that begin with A-K and Mrs. Smith is assigned to students with last names that begin with L-Z.


Ms. Amberly Cox

Counselor A-K


Mrs. Emily Smith

Counselor L-Z


Mrs. Cheryl Johnson

Counseling Secretary

Ms. Amberly Cox

Ms. Cox taught school at Washington Elementary, was a counselor at Layton High School and is happy to be with energetic junior high kids at MJH.  She loves helping students discover who they are and reach their potential.

Ms. Cox is assigned to students with the last names beginning with A-K.



Mrs. Emily Smith

Mrs. Smith has worked at Davis, Viewmont and Syracuse High Schools. She also worked at Fairfield Junior High. She loves junior high kids and loves to help them plan for the future so they don't miss out on opportunities.
She is assigned to students with the last names beginning with L-Z. 


Mrs. Cheryl Johnson

Mrs. Johnson has been with Millcreek for many years. She started out working tutoring students. She then worked in ISS and in 2005 joined the counseling department. Please call her at 402-6207 to set up appointments or to get in touch with any of the counselors.