Honors Classes

For school year 2017-2018, Millcreek Junior High School will offer Honors classes for all grades in the three core subjects; English, Science, and Social Studies.  You must complete an Honors application during registration.  Administrators, counselors and teachers will review applications for students.  Be aware that space is limited and some classes do require a summer assignment.

7th Grade:

  • English 7 Honors-Mr. Grosshans
  • Integrated Science 7 Honors-Mrs. Bates

8th Grade:

  • English 8 Honors- Mr. Grosshans
  • U.S. History Honors-Mrs. Densley
  • Integrated Science 8 Honors- Mrs. Davis

9th Grade:

  • English 9 Honors- Mrs. Butler
  • AP Human Geography- Mrs. Anderson
  • Biology- Mrs. Bates

We do suggest that if you have any questions in regards to whether or not your student should take an honors class, please make an appointment to visit with your student's counselor.