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Hope Squad members are students selected by their peers for being:

  • Concerned about others
  • Easy to talk with
  • A good listener
  • Someone you could turn to if you needed a friend

Please click on the link below to nominate THREE different students you believe would make a good Hope Squad member.

  • You are only allowed to click on the link ONE time and do ONE set of nominations.
  • You must log in with your Office 365 account.

Nomination Form

Hope Squad Explanation

  1. We know students have a hard time and usually talk to their friends about it. Sometimes teenagers need some help from an adult (ex. teacher or counselor) to help them out in certain situations. Hope Squad members are people who are looking out for their peers and willing to get them the help they need.
  2. Hope Squad members will also help plan activities throughout the year and meet once a month to discuss the needs of students in the school.
  3. Hope Squad members are nominated by their peers (not elected through a campaign) with the following criteria: concerned about others, easy to talk with, a good listener, someone you could turn to if you needed a friend.
  1. Bridge the gap between students and teachers.
  2. Provide friendship, encouragement, and support for struggling students.
  3. Be the eyes and ears of the school and refer students to the counselors with concerns.  


For more information, please see the Hope 4 Utah website: Hope 4 Utah


What are Hope Squads?