Small Group Information

MJH Small Group Opportunities

What are small groups?

Each year we run a variety of small groups. At the very beginning of the school year we survey students about which groups they would like to participate in, if any. We then contact the students and invite them to be a member of the group. If your student decides that he or she would like to participate, we will send a permission slip home with them for you to sign.

We teach small group in a classroom type setting (20-30 students) about skills and strategies they can use in their life.

These are the following groups we have at Millcreek:

Resiliency-Bouncing Back

This group is taught in October. We focus on ways to handle stress in life with an emphasis on Mindfulness and deep breathing.

Effective Communication

This group is taught in April. We focus on ways to communicate effectively with friends, parents and teachers.