Principal Message

Brad Chappel

Dear Mustang Family,

Schools are amazing places full of opportunities. Millcreek is the place to have a positive impact and to make memories. As Millcreek Junior High School continues to serve the incredible people of this community, now is a perfect time to reflect on the traditions and the people that have made this school such a great place. It is also an opportune time to reflect on the positive mark that we will make as we begin this school year together. For some, school is a unique opportunity to pursue academic excellence. For others, school serves as a vehicle where excellence can be achieved through talents developed in the arts, in athletics, and through serving in clubs. Regardless of our pursuits, the common theme throughout is the word “excellence”. A wise man once said, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. This is precisely what makes Millcreek Junior High School so special and unique. No matter what your interests or your purpose, “excellence” is what sets Millcreek Junior High School apart from the ordinary. “Excellence” is what we strive for.  It has always been our goal.

This coming school year our student body officers have chosen the theme, “All Together Better!”. It is a reference to the unique circumstances that we have lived through in the past several months. Our young people are strong and resilient, the idea that we have been in this together, and from that trial we will grow is one that matches the spirit of a Mustang. However, the thought behind their chosen theme revolves around the idea that Mustangs are confident in their own ability to achieve excellence in all things; and are bold and resilient in the face of challenges while being compassionate in times of need. This year a new group of students will join several generations of “Mustangs” in the pursuit of excellence as we strive to make those who have gone before us proud. “Together!” will be our mantra.  At Millcreek it is our mission to educate and to inspire. As educators at Millcreek Junior High School we are committed to providing a first-class experience to all of our students, and this experience will sustain our students as a foundation for their future. As the leadership team at Millcreek Junior High School we recognize the precious worth and potential of each individual student. We desire to offer a world-class education to all. We also hope that both our students and our parents will be highly involved, engaged in service, and making our community and our world a better place. We encourage you all to dream, and to pursue those dreams to the fullest.  

Millcreek Junior High is a unique school because of the people. It is the students, the parents, and the educators who make Millcreek Junior High School a truly magical place. We are grateful to those who have set the example. We look to the culture that  is in place as a springboard for our future success. Today is our day to write a new chapter in the proud book of history. Remember “WE ARE ALL TOGETHER BETTER!”  


Mr. Brad Chapple
Principal, Millcreek Junior